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About TIGF

A Major Classical Guitar Event in Asia



從學生時期,曾多次接觸到國內外所舉辦,各類型式的音樂節,不論對學習者或愛樂人來說,都是一件不容錯過的人生體驗。因此很期望有一天也能親自為我的故鄉策劃一個 "Made in Taiwan",又能長久延續的「臺灣國際吉他藝術節」。


一項美好的活動,需要許多人長期的真心支持與參與。在此特別感謝近年給予我們活動大力支持的「幸福讚精品飯店」王文賢董事長、林建生紀念圖書館演奏廳,還有一群頭腦機靈、手腳俐落的工作人員們,以及至今與我結識40年的劉秀堅女士 (行政總監)。他們沒有一人是學習吉他,多年來卻為這項樂器付出無限的工作熱誠與專業態度。




Artistic Director’s Statement
As a student, I participated inmany music festivals, both local and international. Whether for students lieme, or just lovers of music, these events are not to be missed.

I always hoped there would be aday when I could plan my own recurring "Made in Taiwan" guitar festival, and with our Taiwan International Guitar Festival (TIGF), this hope has become reality. In recent years I’ve been honored with invitations to perform and teach at various European festivals. Each festival is a unique experience, and I’m happy to share the joy of TIGF with everyone once again.

Any wonderful event need senthusiastic, long term support. I’d especially like to thank our sponsors: Sam Wang, chairman of the “Happiness Inn Hotel”, and Lin Jian Sheng Memorial Concert Hall. Of course I must also thank our intelligent and efficient staff, especially Ms. Jane Liu (Executive Director), who knows me for 38 years…None of them play guitar, yet for so many years they’ve given their all to promote this instrument.

Lastly, I thank you, our guitarists, audience and participators from all over the world. It’s your passion and critical praise which motivate us to continue planning this festival year after year.

  Shih-yu Liu

TIGF 執行團隊 Committee & Team
Taipei Genesis Chamber & Guitar Orchestra
總召集人/ 李晴美
Event Organizer/ Ching-Mei Lee
藝術總監/ 劉士堉
Artistic Director/ Shih-yu Liu
Executive Director/ Jane Liu
顧問/ 蔣理容、劉洋哲
Consultant / Li-jung Chiang, Yang-zhe Liu
執行助理/ 鄭玉婷、廖珮妤
Executive Assistant/ Tina Cheng, Peggy Liao
攝錄影/ 封恩業
Photographer/ En-Ye Feng

美編設計/ 黃筱晴
Designer/ Sunnya Huang
活動執行/ 陳以筠、張真仁、郭家祈、謝羽玟、郭侑宣、郭先曄
Receptionist/ Cherry Chen, Masato Chang, Betty, Karen Hsieh, Peggy Kuo, Scott Kuo
Translator/ Jan Venema

TIGF Email:tigf.guitar.tw@gmail.com




媒體協辦 / 指定住宿

Taiwan International Guitar Festival & Competition

Host台北創世紀室內暨吉他樂團 Taipei  Genesis Chamber & Guitar Orchestra