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Master Classes




課程地點:幸福讚精品飯店 [新北市新莊區思源路3329 (02)2997-6688] 

大師班A. 指導教授:里奧·布勞艾 Leo Brouwer (古巴)

正式生 : NTD8,000-《僅8名、50分鐘/堂》需經甄選。

1. 請於 515日前完成報名繳費,同時繳交5分鐘影音YouTube Link參加甄選(不限曲目)531日公布入選名單。(未經入選者將全額退費)

2. 凡報名此(A)大師班者,若多增加報名(B)大師班(不限一堂),則(B)皆可優惠為$2,500-  (原價$3,000-/堂)
旁聽生: NTD1,400-9/12下午、9/13上午、9/15上午,三時段共八小時》

Leo Brouwer大師班名額非常有限,為了不失與大師上課機會,可參加吉他合奏課。表現優異者,將有機會被遴選為「亞洲吉他交響樂團」一員參加914日晚間布勞艾指揮之演出。 

大師班B. 指導教授:愛德瓦多·費南德茲 Eduardo Fernandez (烏拉圭)、福田進一 Shin-ichi Fukuda (日本)、荷西.艾斯庫巴 José Antonio Escobar (智利)、大萩康司 Yasuji Ohagi (日本)

正式生: NTD3,000-《每位指導教授各收8名、50分鐘/堂》

凡報名(B)大師班者,若多增加報名(B)大師班課程(不限一堂)則優惠為$2,500- (原價$3,000-/堂)

旁聽生: NTD 600- 9/119/12上午,二時段共八小時(可以機動旁聽各指導教授的課



A) 報名自即日起至 615日止,依繳費及報名程序完成,額滿為止。

B) 每位報名課程者可以加購三場(9/11, 9/14, 9/15)音樂會票券,各場限一張,優惠價$800元。(定價$1,000元,非學員無任何折扣)

C) 凡學員兼具資格報名915日晚間Leo Brouwer 80th Anniversary Party”壽宴每位$ 600元。幸福讚飯店

D) 學員請一律自行至 幸福讚飯店 [新北市新莊區思源路3329報到上課。

E) 學員請自行洽訂 幸福讚飯店 住宿&用餐享優惠。





V Taiwan International Guitar Festival 2019 (Master Classes, Guitar Ensemble Class, 3 Concerts.)


Activity Period: 11th (Wed.) to 15th (Sun.) September 2019   

Class Location: Happiness Inn Hotel [No.9,Ln. 322, Siyuan Rd.,Xinzhuang Dist.,New Taipei City Tel : 886-2-2997-6688] 

Master Classes A. by Leo Brouwer 

Recipient: USD260- (Only 8 students, 50 minutes/per)

1) Please complete the registration before 15th May, and send 5 minutes video(free piece) of YouTube Link to participate in the selection, the recipients will be announced by May 31. (The person who has not been selected will be refunded in full).

2) For those who register for (A)Master Class, the additional registration (B)Master Class can be discounted at USD80- (original price USD100-/per)

3) The number of recipients of Master Class are limited, in order not to lose the chance to attend the class with maestro, you may join the ensemble class and have the opportunity to be selected as “ASIAN GUITAR ORCHESTRA” for the performance on 9/14, under LEO BROUWER’s conducting.

Auditor: USD45- (9/12 pm, 9/13 am, 9/15 am, three times for a total of eight hours) 

Master Classes B. by Eduardo Fernandez, Shin-ichi Fukuda, José Antonio Escobar, Yasuji Ohagi

Recipient: USD100-

1. Only 8 students (each Instructor), 50 minutes/per

2. For those who register for (B)Master Class, the additional registration (B)Master Class can be discounted at USD80- (original price USD100-/per)

Auditor: USD20- (9/11 am, 9/12 am, two times for a total of eight hours / can be maneuvered to listen to four instructors' classes.) 

Noted :

1) Registration starts from now until June 15. The number of places islimited and will be based on the completion of the payment and registration procedures.

2) Only course enrolled can purchase three concert tickets with a special price of USD26- each (original prcie USD33-), each concert limited to one.

3) All participants are eligible to sign up for the "Leo Brouwer 80th Anniversary Party"(USD20-/each). @Happiness Inn Hotel 

4) All participants are requested to go to the Happiness Inn Hotel  [No.9, Ln. 322, Siyuan Rd.,Xinzhuang Dist.,New Taipei City Tel : 886-2-2997-6688] for the classes.

5) Recommended AccommodationParticipants are requested to make a discount on your own accommodation @Happiness Inn Hotel 



Note 1You may apply for an 80% refund before July 15, 2019. After this date,no refunds will be given. The fees are not transfer able between persons, events or years. NO EXCEPTIONS will be made to this policy. By registering for this event you agree to these refund terms.
Note 2
The organizing committee reserves the right to make changes to the class schedule.

*主辦單位保有活動節目內容異動權The program is subject to change.

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媒體協辦 / 指定住宿

Taiwan International Guitar Festival & Competition

Host台北創世紀室內暨吉他樂團 Taipei  Genesis Chamber & Guitar Orchestra